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Glass Repairs & Replacements

Whether it’s a minor crack or a fully broken window or a full window replacement, we can find you a solution. Morgan Glass & Glazing can assess whether it’s worth repairing the glass or fully replacing it, we have the skills to do both. Get in touch with us to discuss your glass repair today! 

  • Patterned & obscured glass
  • Insulated Glass
  • Noise Reducing Glass
  • Toughened
  • Laminated Glass
  • Heat Resistance Glass For Fireplaces

Glazing For New Builds

No one wants their new home to be cold in the winter, get your new build double glazed by our experienced team of professional glaziers in Canterbury!

Insurance Claims

Having a broken window and wondering if it will be covered by your insurance company can be stressful. We’re experienced in dealing with insurance companies and we can help you through the process and get what you need!

Retro-Fit Double Glazing

No one likes living in a cold home. Often getting double glazed windows can make a world of difference in keeping the heat in and the cold out, overall creating healthier and more comfortable living conditions. We can retrofit double glazing into your existing frames.

  • Wooden frames
  • Aluminum frames
  • Steel frames

Commercial Glass & Shop Fronts

Our commercial glass service is perfect for larger-scale glass and glazing jobs. We can do internal glass at your office or shop fronts glass install anywhere in Canterbury. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help!

Supply & Install Cat Or Dog Doors

Installing all styles and types of cat or dog doors! Installing a cat or dog flap in a glass door is definitely not something you should try yourself. Leave it up to the expert team at Morgan Glass, we have over 60 years of combined experience so you know you can trust our expertise!

Glass Windbreaks, Shelters & Pool Fences

Glass windbreaks are a classy and stylish way of protecting you, your guests, and your furniture from the wind while still maintaining visibility of the land! Glass windbreaks are also perfect pool fences that provide safety and comfort around your pool!

Glass Canopies

Glass Canopies protect furniture, objects, or people who are walking underneath them from the weather while still letting through light, they are elegant and subtle!

Frameless Glass Showers

Frameless Glass Showers are an easy way to take a bathroom to the next level with their extremely slick and elegant look. Get in touch with the Morgan Glass & Glazing team about installing a frameless glass shower in your home!

Glass Splashbacks

A glass splashback can make a kitchen pop that much more, you can get splashbacks in a variety of colours and as a bonus, they protect your walls from any spills and splashes and are much easier to clean too!

Custom Made Mirror Glass

Getting the perfect shaped and sized mirror to fit the look of a room can be difficult, we offer a quality custom made mirror glass service! Get in touch and we can discuss your custom mirror today!

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a slick and modern looking alternative to the boring banister. They allow guests to see the view from your deck while still being a safeguard against falling hazards. Get in touch with us to discuss your glass balustrade installation today!

Emergency Callout & Board Up Service

It can be dangerous to leave a broken window in your home exposed, it’ll leave your houses interior to the mercy of the weather and will give anyone with malicious intent easy entry into your home and your belongings. If replacing and fixing the window isn’t an option at the time, get in touch with us to get an emergency board up for your window as a temporary fix!

Joinery Modifications & Repairs

We’re experienced in repairing aluminum joinery and can ensure that the window’s surroundings aren’t harmed during the process. Get in touch to discuss your joinery repair job!

Windscreens & Auto Glass

Got a cracked or chipped windscreen? What about a broken side window or a smashed rear windshield? We work alongside Waimak Windscreens & Auto Glass to bring a quality auto glass repair and replacement service.

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